On the 20th of September Annan Gaming Club is hosting it’s very first event, AnnARCy. AnnARCy is a gaming event ran by Annan Gaming Club and will feature a variety of gaming providing a whole day of fun. AnnARCy will be starting at 10:00am and running to 17:00pm on the 20th of September at the Annan Resource Centre, Ednam St, Annan, DG12 6EF. There will be a suggested donation of only £1 from which all funds raised will contribute to the running of Annan Gaming Club.

annan gaming poster


Games availible on the day are a main participation game of Warhammer 40,000 where Space Marines mount a desperate defence against an invasion of ravenous Genestealers, participation pen and paper roleplaying games, the retro classic Atmosfear, the tactical dogfights of X-wing, classic board gaming, CCG’s and more. That’s not all however, we will also have model displays, an on the day painting competition and a bring and buy stall.


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I’d like to welcome everyone to the Annan Gaming Club’s website. We’ll be using the website to keep members abreast of any important news and as a platform for letting non-members know who we are. We also have some other cool plans for the website that I won’t get into now just in case we end up backing down from them.

We also have a shiny new forum over at, it’s a bit quiet at the moment but hopefully it should get more active over the coming weeks and months.

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